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Dareen Almojil • Maria Cristina Arias • Rochelle R. Beasley • Yiyong Chen • Rulon W. Clark • Yinghui Dong • Zhiguo Dong • Natalie Forsdick • Elaine Françoso • E. González-Ortegón • A. M. González-Tizón • Linsheng Gui • Huayang Guo • Hongfang Guo • Marie L. Hale • Shigui Jiang • Kenneth L. Jones • Stacey L. Lance • Yi Lei • Jiuxuan Li • Xiaoyan Li • Haotian(More)
The body temperature of cattle varies regularly with both the reproductive cycle and disease status. Establishing an automatic method for monitoring body temperature may facilitate better management of reproduction and disease control in cattle. Here, we developed an Automatic Measurement System for Cattle's Surface Temperature (AMSCST) to measure the(More)
In this study, the complete mitochondrial genome of the Upland Buzzard (Buteo hemilasius) was sequenced and reported for the first time using the muscle tissue. The mitochondrial genome is a circular molecule of 18 079 bp in length, consisting of 13 protein-coding genes, 22 transfer RNA genes, 2 ribosomal RNA genes, 1 control region, and 1 extra(More)
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