Yongqiang Dong

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This paper introduces an extensible SOA-based platform that facilitates implementation of various e-collaboration systems. First, it reviews the roadmap of SOA evolution and examines the trend of service orientation in network architecture field, then it constructs a holistic service-oriented platform integrating into Web services, component-based and(More)
Publish/Subscribe paradigm has been widely used in large-scale distributed systems, as well as in information-centric networks (ICNs) due to its properties of asynchronous, loosely-coupled and many-to-many communications. This paper focuses on matching algorithms which support compound predicates for content-based Publish/Subscribe systems. By using index(More)
Computer has been used in many aspects including design, fabrication and installation of the industry field. As the processor and memory have been rapidly developed in the past decades, computer has been used much more abroad. This paper is mainly about computer application in Offshore Engineering. ABAQUS was the primary tool used for this simulation and(More)
Content dissemination in social opportunistic networks has attracted great interests in the field. Most of the researches in literature focused on the data forwarding and routing mechanisms in such network scenarios. There were few studies on the assignment of content originators. This paper is concerned about how to identify a small subset of users as(More)