Yongqi He

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Objective. This is prospective randomized control trial to compare the mean keratometric corneal astigmatism diopter power (not surgical induced astigmatism) among preop and one-month and three-month postop phacoemulcification of either a clear temporal corneal incision or a superior scleral tunnel Incision, using only keratometric astigmatic power reading(More)
Cloud radio access network (C-RAN) becomes a promising scenario to accommodate high-performance services with ubiquitous user coverage and real-time cloud computing in 5G area. However, the radio network, optical network and processing unit cloud have been decoupled from each other, so that their resources are controlled independently. Traditional(More)
Seed maturity is a critical process of seed vigor establishment. In this study, one rice population of recombinant inbred lines (RILs) was used to determine the genetic characteristics of seed vigor, including the germination potential (GP), germination rate (GR), germination index (GI), and time for 50 % of germination (T50), at 4, 5, and 6 weeks after(More)
Seed germination and seedling establishment are critical phases in rice. In this study, 276 indica accessions were used to investigate the genetic control of seed germination and seedling growth under normal, drought and salt conditions by using the trait of germination percentage, germination index and seedling survival percentage. The significant natural(More)
Seed reserve utilization is an important characteristic of seed quality. In this study, the rice varieties Jiucaiqing (Oryza sativa ssp. japonica) and IR26 (Oryza sativa ssp. indica) and their recombinant inbred lines were used to determine the physiological and genetic control of seed reserve utilization during the early seedling growth. Seedling dry(More)
Optical burst switching (OBS) is a promising all-optical switching mechanism and signaling is one of the key technologies of optical burst switched networks. According to the propagation direction of control packets, an existing OBS signaling can be classified as one-way or two-way signaling. The transmission of bursts in two-way signaling is guaranteed(More)