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— Holes with different sizes from microscale to nanoscale were directly fabricated by focused ion beam (FIB) milling in this paper. Maximum aspect ratio of the fabricated holes can be 5:1 for the hole with large size with pure FIB milling, 10:1 for gas assistant etching, and 1:1 for the hole with size below 100 nm. A phenomenon of volume swell at the(More)
Antibiotics as emerging environmental contaminants, are widely used in both human and veterinary medicines. A solid-state nanopore sensing method is reported in this article to detect Tetracycline, which is based on Tet-off and Tet-on systems. rtTA (reverse tetracycline-controlled trans-activator) and TRE (Tetracycline Responsive Element) could bind each(More)
Many factors influence the near-field visualization of plasmonic structures that are based on perforated elliptical slits. Here, characterization errors are experimentally analyzed in detail from both fabrication and measurement points of view. Some issues such as geometrical parameter, probe-sample surface interaction, misalignment, stigmation, and(More)
A novel metallic elliptical nano-pinholes-based plasmonic lens was put forth for the purpose of superfocusing. Systematic investigation of the lens from design to fabrication and characterization were described in this paper. Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) enhanced transmission is theoretically analyzed using finite-difference time-domain (FDTD)(More)
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