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Lunar orbital imagery and laser altimeter data are two major data sources for lunar topographic modeling. Most of the previous work has processed imagery and laser altimeter data separately. Usually though, there are inconsistencies between the topographic models derived from them. This paper presents an endeavor to integrate the Chang’E-1 imagery and laser(More)
Map-matching (MM) is a technique that attempts to locate an estimated vehicle position on road network. Many map-matching algorithms have been developed and widely incorporated into GPS/DR vehicle navigation systems for both commercial and experimental ITS applications. However, the reliability of these systems is still a problem because vehicle position(More)
In this paper, the basic precise point positioning model has been reviewed. A recursive least square algorithm that separates the position coordinates and other parameters, such as ambiguities and tropospheric delays, is proposed for kinematic PPP applications. A test was carried out to test the method proposed in this paper, which made use of a GPS buoy(More)
Land degradation is a major problem world-wide. Soil degradation is the core of land degradation. Soil degradation at regional scale is related to susceptibility to erosion, soil suitability, and soil characteristics. There is a pressing need for an objective measure on land degradation at regional scale. The study area is in Hengshan county in ShanXi(More)
Due to the scarcity of useable land in Hong Kong, it is a common practice to reclaim land from the sea. The reclaimed land usually undergoes a long period of settlement that may affect building structures and underground facilities such as water supply and sewage systems built on the land. Measurements of land settlement can provide valuable data for(More)