Yongping Du

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A reading comprehension (RC) system attempts to understand a document and returns an answer sentence when posed with a question. RC resembles the ad hoc question answering (QA) task that aims to extract an answer from a collection of documents when posed with a question. However, since RC focuses only on a single document, the system needs to draw upon(More)
Phosphorene, as a novel two-dimensional material, has attracted a great interest due to its novel electronic structure. The pursuit of controlled magnetism in Phosphorene in particular has been persisting goal in this area. In this paper, an antiferromagnetic insulating state has been found in the zigzag phosphorene nanoribbons (ZPNRs) from the(More)
Weyl and Dirac semimetals recently stimulate intense research activities due to their novel properties. Combining first-principles calculations and effective model analysis, we predict that nonmagnetic compounds BaYBi (Y = Au, Ag and Cu) are Dirac semimetals. As for the magnetic compound EuYBi, although the time reversal symmetry is broken, their long-range(More)