Yongmu Zheng

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PURPOSE PBOO leads to increased urinary frequency, decreased void volume, hypertrophy of the detrusor SM, and alterations in contractile and regulatory proteins. This study was done to determine whether PBOO induced increases in urinary frequency and detrusor SM hypertrophy are associated with an alteration in the contractility and expression of myosin(More)
Partial urinary bladder outlet obstruction (PBOO) in men, secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia, induces detrusor smooth muscle (DSM) hypertrophy. However, despite DSM hypertrophy, some bladders become severely dysfunctional (decompensated). Using a rabbit model of PBOO, we found that although DSM from sham-operated bladders expressed nearly 100% of(More)
Partial bladder outlet obstruction (PBOO) induces remodeling of urinary bladder smooth muscle (detrusor). We demonstrate an increase in bladder wall mass, muscle bundle size, and a threefold increase in the cross-sectional area of detrusor myocytes following PBOO in male New Zealand White rabbits compared to that of controls. Some bladders with detrusor(More)
We report a cell line (hBSM) established from human urinary bladder wall smooth muscle that maintains most of the phenotypic characteristics of smooth muscle cells. Cells were dissociated from the muscular layer with collagenase (1 mg/ml) and collected and grown in M199 supplemented with 10% fetal calf serum and 1% antibiotic–antimycotic. Primary cultures(More)
We have established a cell line from hypertrophied rabbit urinary bladder smooth muscle (SM) that stably expresses SM myosin (SMM). These cells, termed BSM, are spindle shaped and form swirls, similar to the "hills and valleys" described for cultured aortic SM cells. Western blotting revealed that BSM expresses the amino-terminal SMM heavy chain isoform(More)
We originally discovered TERE1 as a potential tumor suppressor protein based upon reduced expression in bladder and prostate cancer specimens and growth inhibition of tumor cell lines/xenografts upon ectopic expression. Analysis of TERE1 (aka UBIAD1) has shown it is a prenyltransferase enzyme in the natural bio-synthetic pathways for both vitamin K-2 and(More)
PURPOSE The thin filament associated protein h-caldesmon (h-CaD) modulates actin myosin interaction and contraction. Bladder outlet obstruction and detrusor hypertrophy are associated with the over expression of the nonmuscle CaD isoform l-CaD. It implies a poorly differentiated state of bladder myocytes and cytoskeletal remodeling in detrusor hypertrophy.(More)
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