Yongming Liu

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A general methodology for fatigue reliability degradation of railroad wheels is proposed in this paper. Both fatigue crack initiation and crack propagation life are included in the proposed methodology using previously developed multiaxial fatigue models by the same authors. A response surface method in conjunction with design of experiments is used to(More)
Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) aims to accelerate optimal design of complex material systems by integrating material science and design automation. For tractable ICME, it is required that (1) a structural feature space be identified to allow reconstruction of new designs, and (2) the reconstruction process be property-preserving. The(More)
A general framework for probabilistic fatigue damage prognosis using maximum entropy concept is proposed in this paper. The fatigue damage is calculated using a physics-based crack growth model. Due to the stochastic nature of crack growth process, uncertainties arising from the underlying physical model, parameters of the model, and the measurement noise(More)
BACKGROUND The recent approval of 4th generation HIV tests has forced many laboratories to decide whether to shift from 3rd to these tests. There are limited published studies on the comparative evaluation of these two different assays. We compare the performance of fourth-generation electrochemiluminescence immunoassay (ChIA) and third-generation enzyme(More)
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