Yongmin Choi

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As multimedia Internet applications become pervasive, the characteristics of Internet Protocol (IP) traffic are changing. Workload characterization is crucial in IP traffic engineering to deploy an efficient network. However, traffic characteristics in commercial multiservice IP networks aren't well known because relevant datasets are rarely available. This(More)
Mobile data traffic represents an increasingly large share of Internet traffic. AT&T acknowledged a 5000 percent growth in wireless data traffic in three years (2006–2009), since the iPhone launch [1]. The growth of cellular data traffic has been forecasted to outstrip fixed-line Internet traffic by a factor of 10 in 2009–2014 [2]. Most of this traffic is(More)
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  • 2007 2nd IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on…
  • 2007
The accurate identification of network traffic associated with application layer protocols is important to a broad range of network operations including application-specific traffic engineering, capacity planning, provisioning, and service differentiation. However well-known port numbers can no longer be used to reliably identify network applications since(More)
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  • NOMS Workshops 2008 - IEEE Network Operations and…
  • 2008
This article discusses a network planning method in a QoS-enabled IP network such as Broadband convergence Network (BcN). Since IP based networks have been developed to transport best-effort data traffic, the introduction of multi-service component in BcN requires fundamental modifications in capacity planning or network dimensioning. In this article, we(More)
The Internet is a prevailing network infrastructure for integrating broadcasting, telecommunications and data communications. Multimedia services such as IPTV and VoIP achieve economy of scale in many countries and the number of subscribers is increasing fast. As multimedia applications become pervasive in the Internet, the characteristics of IP traffic mix(More)
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