Yongmin Chang

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OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to evaluate subclinical neurological effects in welders, using an extensive list of neurobehavioral batteries and determine if there is a link between pallidal index (PI) and subclinical neurobehavioral effects in the spectrum of manganese (Mn) symptomatology. METHODS A total of 43 asymptomatic male welders and 29 age-(More)
This fMRI study was undertaken to test whether the pathophysiological mechanism of mirror movements in hemiparetic stroke patients involves activation of the unaffected motor cortex. We studied 16 control subjects and 51 stroke patients. fMRI was performed at 1.5 T using a finger flexion-extension movement paradigm. The incidence of bilateral primary(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects that neuromuscular electrical stimulation on the wrist extensor muscles have on the cerebral cortex. DESIGN A functional magnetic resonance imaging study was performed on eight normal volunteers. The activation task was the maximum wrist extension by neuromuscular electrical stimulation, applied through a two-channel(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In cases of metastatic disease of the spine, monitoring the response to medical therapy with plain radiography, bone scanning, and conventional spin-echo sequence MR imaging is unsatisfactory because of the insensitivity or nonspecific findings of these imaging modalities. The purpose of this study was to investigate signal intensity(More)
Diffusion tensor imaging is a new in vivo tool not only for the assessment of white matter structural integrity but also for diagnosis and assessment of disease conditions which disturb tissue structural coherence. In this study, we investigated the integrity of auditory pathway in patients of sensorineural hearing loss by means of fractional anisotropy of(More)
Chronic use of methamphetamine is related to behavioral disturbances including depression, aggressive behavior, and social isolation. These alterations of social behavior may be attributable to impairments in social cognition. However, few studies have evaluated social cognition in methamphetamine (MA) abusers. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to(More)
OBJECTIVE We report a case study on possible alterations in resting-state functional connectivity between the auditory network and non-auditory brain regions in tinnitus patients. DESIGN Independent component analyses were performed to evaluate coherent spontaneous activity in distributed brain networks. The resting-state functional connectivity scores(More)
In the current study, superparamagnetic magnetite nanoparticles were surface-modified with lactobionic acid (LA) to improve their intracellular uptake and ability to target hepatocytes. Maltotrionic acid (MA)-modified nanoparticles were also synthesized as a control. Cell culture experiment showed that LA-modified nanoparticles were internalized into(More)
PURPOSE Contralateral primary sensori-motor cortex (SM1) activation by passive movement was investigated by functional MRI (fMRI) at the early stage of stroke, to determine whether SM1 activation can be used to predict the degree of motor recovery of the hemiplegic hand. METHODS We studied 17 stroke patients who showed complete paralysis of a hemiplegic(More)