Yongmeng Wu

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This paper presents a web-based application enabling audiences to collaboratively contribute to the creative process during live music performances. The system aims at enhancing audience engagement and creating new forms of live music experiences. Interaction between audience and performers is made possible through a client/server architecture enabling(More)
Our Open Symphony system reimagines the music experience for a digital age, fostering alliances between performer and audience and our digital selves. Open Symphony enables live participatory music performance where the audience actively engages in the music creation process. This is made possible by using state-of-the-art web technologies and data(More)
udience participation in musical performances can be manifested in many ways, from a receiver sense (sitting in silent contemplation of sounds, for example) to a more active form of participation involving physical actions contributing to the performance (singing along with musicians, for example). We consider the latter to be creative participation. Note(More)
This paper reports on a study which sets out to examine the process of creative engagement of individual non-musicians when interacting with interactive musical systems (IMSs), and to identify features of IMSs that may support non-musician's creative engagement in music making. In order to creatively engage novices, we aimed to design IMSs which would(More)
This paper proposes an aesthetic perspective to decompose interaction for its aesthetic components. Our approach is to collect both dancers' subjective descriptions and objective analysis on the same interactivity built under the guidance of an aesthetic experience of everyday lives. In order to get the descriptions, dancers' professional skills were(More)
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