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Previous studies have suggested the cross-cultural generalizability of a 5-factor structure for personality traits. In this article, we analyzed the utility of 2 versions (100-item and 50-item) of the IPIP Big-Five factor markers in both heterosexual (N = 633) and homosexual (N = 437) samples in China. Factor analysis within versions showed that both(More)
Ordered multisignature allows signers attest to a common message as well as the order in whey they signed. Unlike multi-signature, aggregate signature aggregate signature scheme provides a method to aggregate signature by signature on different messages. In this paper, we presented an ordered multisignature provably secure without random oracles. We mainly(More)
In order to resolve the issue of large-scale assembly for quasi-LIGA micro-parts, the purpose of this paper is to propose a novel method of orthogonal optical precise alignment. The micro-assembly experiment system set-up was constructed according to the principle of the orthogonal precise alignment. One single-position consists of three components: 3-DOF(More)
In this paper, based on Sigma-protocol on HC (a NP-complete language), we firstly construct a Sigma-protocol for any NP language thm1 ∧ thm2, then transfer it into a non-interactive protocol from a hash function and a pseudo-random generator. Finally, we construct an efficient round-optimal secure two-party computation protocol from our(More)
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