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Spatial-Temporal Characteristics of Glacier Velocity in the Central Karakoram Revealed with 1999-2003 Landsat-7 ETM+ Pan Images
From the transverse velocity profiles of seven typical glaciers, it is inferred that basal sliding is the predominant motion mechanism of the middle and upper glaciers, whereas internal deformation dominates closest to the glacier terminus.
Long-Term Land Subsidence Monitoring of Beijing (China) Using the Small Baseline Subset (SBAS) Technique
The estimated long-term subsidence results obtained by SBAS approach agree well with the development of the over-exploitation of ground water, indicating that SBAS techniques is adequate for the retrieval of land subsidence in Beijing from multi-temporal SAR data.
Detection and analysis of surface velocity over Baltoro glacier with ENVISAT ASAR data
This study uses 3 ENVISAT ASAR images acquired during the period 2004-2006 to detect surface velocity of the Baltoro glacier and indicates that the glacier surface velocity is relatively stable during 2004 to 2006.
Glacial surface topography and its changes in the Western Qilian Mountains derived from TanDEM-X Bi-Static InSAR
This study demonstrates the great potential of the TanDEM-X bi-static InSAR technology in mapping glacier surface topography and estimating glacier elevation changes over mountain glaciers.
Taxonomic review of the genus Orybina Snellen, 1895 (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Pyralinae), with description of two new species
The taxonomy of the eight species and one subspecies of Orybina in the world are reviewed and two new species, O. puerensis Qi & Li, sp.
The complete mitochondrial genome of Cochylimorpha cultana (Lederer, 1855) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)
The phylogenetic analysis based on maximum-likelihood (ML) method revealed that the evolutionary status of C. cultana in Tortricinae at the molecular level, which agrees well with the classical taxonomy.
Diurnal fluctuations of glacier surface velocity observed with terrestrial radar interferometry at Laohugou No. 12 Glacier, western Qilian mountains, China
ABSTRACT Measurements of short-interval variations in glacier surface velocity, which contribute to our understanding of ice motion mechanisms, remain scarce on the Tibetan Plateau. Here we present
Acleris tsuifengana Kawabe, 1992, New to Mainland China, with Comments on Its Polymorphism (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)
Abstract. Acleris tsuifengana Kawabe, 1992 is reported for the first time from mainland China. It is a polymorphic species with 10 different forms present in Yunnan. Details and images of several
Geometric Evolution of the Chongce Glacier during 1970-2020, Detected by Multi-Source Satellite Observations
According to the spatial pattern of glacier elevation changes in 1970–2000 and the long-term changes of glacier velocity and terminus position, the recent surge event at the Chongce Glacier likely initiated in winter 1993 and terminated in winter 1998, indicating that the detected surge event was likely triggered by a thermal mechanism.
Three-Dimensional Movements of Siachen Glacier Derived from ERS-1/2 Tandem Datasets with D-InSAR and MAI Techniques
Glacier surface velocity is one of the key para-meters of glacier dynamics and mass balance. Siachen glaciers are adversely affected due to global climate warming as reflected by these glaciers