Yongliang Wu

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Accurate attitude estimation is vital for VTOL UAV (vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle) systems, including small helicopter. The main focus of present research is to compile the principles of navigation and Kalman filtering, and their application and implementation towards UAV systems. This paper introduces a method based on EKF (Extended(More)
Focusing on the problem of autonomous flight for a small unmanned helicopter in GPS-denied environments, this paper proposes a navigation system which combines monocular visual and inertial measurements. The homography based visual odometry, as well as the inertial measurement from an IMU, can estimate the motion of a small unmanned helicopter. An extended(More)
Focusing on the polar extreme environment, this paper proposed a small unmanned aerial vehicle for polar scientific research. To get precise attitude information, an adaptive Kalman filter algorithm is proposed to fuse GPS, gyro, accelerator sensor information. Moreover, an optimal fuzzy logic control algorithm is trained to adjust the heading angle in real(More)
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