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CoWO4 nanoparticles prepared by two methods displaying different structures and supercapacitive performances
Abstract The simple wet-chemical and hydrothermal approaches were used to prepare amorphous CoWO 4 -amorphous and crystal CoWO 4 -crystalline nanoparticles for the electrode materials inExpand
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Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Mo–40Ni–13Si Multiphase Intermetallic Alloy
Intermetallic compounds are increasingly being expected to be utilized in tribological environments, but to date their implementation is hindered by insufficient ductility at low and mediumExpand
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Well-dispersed chromium oxide decorated reduced graphene oxide hybrids and application in energy storage
Abstract This report describes an artful method to prepare Cr2O3/reduced graphene oxide (rGO) using Cr powder and graphene oxide (GO) as follows: the one-pot reaction between GO and Cr powder toExpand
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Microstructure Characterization and Wear-Resistant Properties Evaluation of an Intermetallic Composite in Ni–Mo–Si System
Intermetallic compounds have been studied for their potential application as structural wear materials or coatings on engineering steels. In the present work, a newly designed intermetallic compositeExpand
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Microstructure and Wear Resistance of a Novel Mo-Ni-Si System Intermetallic Composite with Ductile Mo Phase
It has been a challenge to improve the toughness of intermetallic compound at low and medium temperatures for developing wear resistance materials. The refractory metals, with a high melting point,Expand
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Fabrication of poly(p-styrenesulfonate) grafted reduced graphene oxide/polyaniline/MnO2 hybrids with high capacitance performance
Abstract Reduced graphene oxide grafted with poly(p-styrenesulfonate) (rGO-g-PSS) was synthesized by i n-situ free radical polymerization. The rGO-g-PSS was used to induce formation of polyanilineExpand
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Elevated-temperature wear behaviors of NiMo/Mo2Ni3Si intermetallic “in situ” composites
Intermetallic composite has been expected to be one kind of high-performance wear material at elevated temperature due to its inherent high hardness and strong atomic bonds. This paper presents theExpand
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Glass-ceramics, with molten blast furnace (BF) slag as the major raw material, were prepared successfully by the melting method. The effect of the CaO/SiO2 ratio in the molten BF slag and heatExpand
Microstructure of the Cast Iron Materials for Sintering Machine Trolley
The microstructure of the cast iron materials for sintering machine trolley is analyzed by the optical microscope,scanning electron microscopy (SEM),X-ray diffraction(XRD) and the energy dispersiveExpand