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– We introduced several design patterns when teaching Visual C++ as a tool in our " GUI Design " course. Our experience showed that design patterns helped deal with its complex and flatten the learning curve without diverting too much attention from the course's primary objectives. It is increasingly popular to use commercial software tools for teaching(More)
Usability is critical for the success of interactive software systems. However, usability evaluation is rarely taught as an indispensable element of the development process in software design courses. On analyzing usability errors students made in their programming projects, we found some usability errors, although revealed via the visual design of a user(More)
Commercial software tools are increasingly used for teaching computer science courses. Because they are powerful and complex, they are often difficult to learn and to use. It is critical to balance benefits and problems that a software tool may bring about. Visual C++ is used as a tool for developing GUI applications in our “GUI Design” course.(More)
Modeling is a fundamental concept in software engineering. While model evolution is an essential topic due to the popularity of object-oriented design and iterative development, model transformation has not received adequate attention in the software engineering education community. Model transformation involves a change of the viewpoint from which a design(More)