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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder, with amyloid plaques accumulation as the key feature involved in its pathology. To date, however, the biochemical changes in AD have not been clearly characterized. Here, we present that urinary metabolomics based on high resolution mass spectrometry was employed for delineation of(More)
A discrimination method based on polyalcohol determination was developed for authenticity of protected geographical indication (PGI) vinegars-Shanxi extra aged vinegar (SVs) in China. Six polyalcohols in vinegars including erythritol, arabitol, xylitol, inositol, mannitol, and sorbitol were selected as the PGI discriminators. GC/MS was used to analyze the(More)
The pyrolysis (Py)-GC-MS technique was first introduced for the identification of two kinds of Chinese geographical indication vinegars because its advantages are that it is a simple and convenient sample pretreatment and inlet method. Abundant Py information about vinegars was obtained using Py-GC-MS; 21 common peaks were selected. With the help of the(More)
A fast screening method was established for the simultaneous determination of 15 water-soluble artificial dyes in wine by liquid chromatography/hybrid linear ion trap orbitrap mass spectrometry (LC/LTQ-orbitrap MS) based on a self-established mass spectral database. The confirmations of these target dyes were processed by the accurate mass numbers, and the(More)
In this study, an easy and efficiency protein digestion method called continuous microwave-assisted protein digestion (cMAED) with immobilized enzyme was developed and applied for proteome analysis by LC-MS(n). Continuous microwave power outputting was specially designed and applied. Trypsin and bromelain were immobilized onto magnetic micropheres. To(More)
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