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Field programmable gate arrays provide great flexibility to hardware designer. The novel control strategy can be realized by quickly modifying the FPGA module in case reducing the developed time of some prototypes. The control of six-phase induction machine control is still a confused subject affecting its industrial application. This motivates authors to(More)
In order to compare the torque performance of the three-phase induction machine with the six-phase induction machine, an experimental setup to test the torque performance has been done; Under the same condition and by using different control principle the three-phase and six-phase machines constructed for the same frame of the stator and rotor are tested.(More)
Electricl and Electronic course group is a technical foundational courses for engineering students. This is due to fact that the role of these couses can make the student master the basic theory, skill, analysis and design method, and also develop their scientific and technological research and innovation ability. Therefore, the Electrical and Electronic(More)
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