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We first propose the concept of almost periodic time scales and then give the definition of almost periodic functions on almost periodic time scales, then by using the theory of calculus on time scales and some mathematical methods, some basic results about almost periodic differential equations on almost periodic time scales are established. Based on these(More)
Solid state drives (SSDs) have seen wide deployment in mobiles, desktops,and data centers due to their high I/O performance and low energy consumption. As SSDs write data out-of-place, garbage collection (GC) is required to erase and reclaim space with invalid data. However, GC poses additional writes that hinder the I/O performance, while SSD blocks can(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 A function p : T → R is called regressive provided 1 μ t p t / 0 for all t ∈ T. The set of all regressive and rd-continuous functions p : T → R will be denoted by R R T R T,R . We define the set R R T,R {p ∈ R : 1 μ t p t > 0, for all t ∈ T}. An n × n-matrix-valued function A on a time scale T is called regressive provided I μ t A t(More)
Sufficient and realistic conditions are obtained for the existence of positive periodic solutions in periodic equations with state-dependent delay. The method involves the application of coincidence degree theorem and estimations of uniform upper bounds on solutions. Applications of these results to some population models are presented. These application(More)