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Robot used for calligraphy is a new area of research and application. It is also a challenge for servo system application and control strategy research. In this paper, a calligraphy robot is presented and the interpolation algorithm and coordinate transformation are used in the control system operation. The high-precision and intelligent control are(More)
The effect of vector control for Induction Motor (IM) largely depends on whether the motor parameters are accurate. This paper presents a simple method based on model of three phase induction motor. In those methods, DC test, locked-rotor test, no-load test is used to get the parameters. The reconstruction of output voltage is used to instead of voltage(More)
The three-level technology of converters has the weak point of the neutral point voltage potential unbalance. This paper describes a scheme to control neutral point voltage variation in three-level converter. The scheme solves the problem by controlling the three-level rectifier. The parameters in it can be reconstructed and it avoids adding complexity to(More)
A microprocessor control system of switched reluctance motor was designed for solid material or powder material explorer. In order to overcome the severe condition of power plant, variable structure control was adopted in this system with chopped current control and angular position control. An improved T-method was adopted to accurately estimate the speed(More)
This paper deals with the application of Kalman filter for optimizing and filtering the position signal of shuttlecock obtained by the vision servo system of 'Shuttlecock Robot' [1]. Non-uniform mass distribution and air resistance effect can make much noise not only in vision recognition but also in kinematic model analysis of shuttlecock. The Kalman(More)
Mechanical gear boxes have the construction of direct mechanical contact, whose disadvantages are low efficiency, noisy, complicated lubrication and easy to produce vibrations to be damaged and so on. Especially for the occasions with the requirement of big gear ratio, the mechanical multi-speed gears are needed, which makes the shortcomings of mechanical(More)
Accuracy of flux amplitude and phase is critical to field-oriented control [1]. The estimation of rotor flux is easily affected by rotor time constant and compensation terms are difficult to realize. In this paper, a method based on stator flux oriented is proposed. The stator flux is estimated by integrating motor EMF. The phase voltage reconstruction is(More)