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miR-29c suppresses pancreatic cancer liver metastasis in an orthotopic implantation model in nude mice and affects survival in pancreatic cancer patients.
We investigated mechanisms of pancreatic cancer metastasis and defined the biological role of miR-29c in pancreatic cancer metastasis. After two rounds of cell selection in vivo, pancreatic cancerExpand
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The hepatic FOXQ1 transcription factor regulates glucose metabolism in mice
Aim/hypothesisHepatic forkhead box q1 (FOXQ1) expression levels are regulated by nutritional and pathophysiological status. In this study we investigated the role of FOXQ1 in the regulation ofExpand
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Metformin impairs systemic bile acid homeostasis through regulating SIRT1 protein levels.
Metformin is widely used to treat hyperglycemia. However, metformin treatment may induce intrahepatic cholestasis and liver injury in a few patients with type II diabetes through an unknownExpand
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Cotargeting the Cell-Intrinsic and Microenvironment Pathways of Prostate Cancer by PI3Kα/β/δ Inhibitor BAY1082439
Targeting the PI3K pathway is a promising strategy for treating prostate cancers with PTEN-loss. However, current anti-PI3K therapies fail to show long lasting in vivo effects. We find that not onlyExpand
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Efficacy and safety of enhanced recovery after surgery in perioperative management of pancreatoduo-denectomy: a Meta analysis
Objective To systematically evaluate the efficacy and safety of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) in perioperative management of pancreatoduodenectomy. Methods Literatures were researchedExpand
Overcoming resistance to immune checkpoint therapy in PTEN-null prostate cancer by sequential intermittent anti-PI3Kα/β/δ and anti-PD-1 treatment
Prostate cancers generally lack T cell infiltration and display resistance to immune checkpoint therapies (ICT). We found that intermittent but not daily dosing of PI3Kα/β/δ inhibitor BAY1082439 on aExpand
Cloud Platform Storage Management and Data Recovery Research
We analyze the storage management of cloud platform, the data security and the recovery of damaged data, and puts forward the distributed data recovery outlook and storage management through the mechanism of the computer recycle bin. Expand