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Research and Analysis of the Front-end Frameworks and Libraries in E-Business Development
An overview of the leading frameworks and libraries in the field of front-end development is introduced and each performance in web services is examined to list the pros and cons of each framework and library under separate commercial criteria.
Model for evaluating the virtual enterprise's risk with 2-tuple linguistic information
In this paper, a model based on the entropy weight method, by which the attribute weights can be determined, is established and some basic concepts and operational laws of 2-tuple linguistic variables are introduced and an illustrative example for evaluating the virtual enterprise's risk is given.
Virtual Reality Research: Design Virtual Education System for Epidemic (COVID-19) Knowledge to Public
The experimental results show that the VR education system can used as an effective educational tool for epidemic (COVID-19) fundamental knowledge and the VR technology can assist government agencies and public organizations to increase public understanding of the spread the epidemic.
Historical Data Trend Analysis in Extended Reality Education Field
The research focuses on the case study paper, which proposed a bright, interactive future with technology in educational field and the proposed future view and the current development, and indicates the possible future view based on the data study result.
Research and Analysis of the Development Approaches in E-Business Mobile Application
  • Yongkang Xing
  • Business, Computer Science
    ITM Web of Conferences
  • 2019
The research will focus on examining the performance of e-Business mobile applications in terms of access to mobile features, advanced graphics and compatibility are developed using frameworks developed using such frameworks.
Interactive Future of Museum Encouraging Youth Group to Engage with Museum
With digital technology rapidly spreads out in recent years, there is a graduate trend that people are losing interest in engaging with cultural facility such as visiting museums especially youth
Designing VR training systems for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common mental disorder in childhood, with a reported 5% global prevalence rate. The project uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to help children
Australian Online BNPL Services Research: Building Gain Value Model of Individual Credit Background
With e-Business rapidly expands out in recent years, there is a significant trend that consumers require more financial support from online 'Buy Now, Pay Later'(BNPL) service providers in Australia.
Web XR User Interface Research: Design 3D Layout Framework in Static Websites
The research designs the Web XR User Interface framework with XR characteristics and componentization design, proposed for providing an immersive, explorative, and readable user experience and shows that the framework can improve the user experience in static websites.
Web XR User Interface Study in Designing 3D Layout Framework in Static Websites
The research designs the Web XR User Interface principles with XR characteristics and componentization design and shows that the UI principles can provide an immersive user experience.