Yongjun Zhu

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Tubulointerstitial fibrosis (TIF) is caused by the progressive loss of renal tubular cells and the consequent replacement of the extracellular matrix. The progressive depletion of renal tubular cells results from apoptosis and necroptosis; however, the relative significance of each of these cell death mechanisms at different stages during the progression of(More)
The objective of this research is to examine the dynamic impact and diffusion patterns at the subfield level. Using a 15-year citation data set, this research reveals the characteristics of the subfields of computer science from the aspects of citation characteristics, citation link characteristics, network characteristics, and their dynamics. Through a set(More)
Identifying prestigious interdisciplinary journals is very significant for researchers. By publishing research works in prestigious journals, researchers can better propagate their works and get spotlights. Even though the quality of a paper is not represented by the journal that publish the paper, it is a general concern of researchers that how to identify(More)
Information visualization and data visualization are often viewed as similar, but distinct domains, and they have drawn an increasingly broad range of interest from diverse sectors of academia and industry. This study systematically analyzes and compares the intellectual landscapes of the two domains between 2000 and 2014. The present study is based on(More)
Osteocyte apoptosis has been reported to play a central role in bone remodeling. In addition to apoptosis, other mechanisms may be involved in osteocyte loss. This study aimed to investigate the effect of necroptosis on osteocytes in ovariectomized (OVX) rats. Ninety-six female Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into an OVX group and a sham group. At(More)
Wireless sensor network (WSN) has got increasingly in-depth study and application because of its small size, flexible layout, strong reliability and other advantages, but in the mean time the life of a wireless sensor node is heavily dependent on the power supply batteries. This paper studies the design of a wireless sensor node which is powered by a micro(More)