Yongjun Zhou

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Elaiophylin is an unusual C2 -symmetric antibiotic macrodiolide produced on a bacterial modular polyketide synthase assembly line. To probe the mechanism and selectivity of diolide formation, we sought to reconstitute ring formation in vitro by using a non-natural substrate. Incubation of recombinant elaiophylin thioesterase/cyclase with a synthetic(More)
Conglobatin is an unusual C2-symmetrical macrodiolide from the bacterium Streptomyces conglobatus with promising antitumor activity. Insights into the genes and enzymes that govern both the assembly-line production of the conglobatin polyketide and its dimerization are essential to allow rational alterations to be made to the conglobatin structure. We have(More)
Acromelic frontonasal dysostosis (AFND) is a distinctive and rare frontonasal malformation that presents in combination with brain and limb abnormalities. A single recurrent heterozygous missense substitution in ZSWIM6, encoding a protein of unknown function, was previously shown to underlie this disorder in four unrelated cases. Here we describe four(More)
This paper presents a stepwise algorithm for extracting power-lines from mobile laser scanning (MLS) data. This algorithm first extracts non-road points from MLS data by estimating road ranges with regard to scanning mechanism and applying elevation-difference and slope criteria to the road ranges scan-line by scan-line. Then, three filters, in terms of(More)
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