Yongjin Seo

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UML is a standardized general-purpose software modeling language. Using the UML, a developer can model any systems easily because the UML provides well-defined modeling concepts and notations to describe elements of a system. The UML provides a mechanism to communicate between a developer and others when they are involved in modeling a system. However, it(More)
In response to higher price tags of software applications due to costly development efforts to scale them up, how to re-use legacy systems has drawn much attention. The navy has standardized the open-architecture combat system for that reason. This study suggests a method to apply already developed software and the one yet to be developed to an AMSM-based(More)
In order to conduct model based testing of sequence diagrams, test cases should be automatically generated from sequence diagrams. To this end, the scenarios expressed by the sequence diagrams are identified and paths that satisfy the test coverage are extracted to generate test information. However, since sequence diagrams express loop, optional, and(More)
Flight software is software used in satellites' on-board computers. It has requirements such as real time and reliability. The IMA architecture is used to satisfy these requirements. The IMA architecture has the concept of partitions and this affected the configuration of flight software. That is, situations occurred in which software that had been loaded(More)
Real-time and the independence from execution environments are requirements for embedded software. Real-time is greatly affected by the worst-case execution time of loaded tasks. Among methods of measuring programs' worst-case execution time, the static approaches are the most frequently used. However the existing worst-case execution time analysis methods(More)
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