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In this paper, we present the design and implementation of an Open Computing Language (OpenCL) framework that targets heterogeneous accelerator multicore architectures with local memory. The architecture consists of a general-purpose processor core and multiple accelerator cores that typically do not have any cache. Each accelerator core, instead, has a(More)
BACKGROUND Delayed arrival at hospital is one of the major obstacles in enhancing the rate of thrombolysis therapy in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Our study aimed to investigate factors associated with prehospital delay after acute ischemic stroke in Korea. METHODS A prospective, multicenter study was conducted at 14 tertiary hospitals in Korea(More)
Characteristics of stroke cases, acute stroke care, and outcomes after stroke differ according to geographical and cultural background. To provide epidemiological and clinical data on stroke care in South Korea, we analyzed a prospective multicenter clinical stroke registry, the Clinical Research Center for Stroke-Fifth Division (CRCS-5). Patients were 58%(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In order to improve inter-rater reliability and minimize diagnosis of undetermined etiology for stroke subtype classification, using a stroke registry, we developed and implemented a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based algorithm for acute ischemic stroke subtype classification (MAGIC). METHODS We enrolled patients who experienced(More)
The bit allocation problem for hierarchical B-pictures in H.264/SVC is studied with a GOP-based dependent distortion model in this work. Inter-dependency between temporal layers of H.264/SVC is often neglected because of the complexity involved, which often leads to poorer rate control performance. To address this shortcoming , we propose a distortion model(More)
Despite the important role of taste function in nutrition and health, little is known about changes in taste function caused by Parkinson disease (PD). The taste function of 31 PD patients and 29 healthy controls was assessed quantitatively using filter paper taste strip tests (TSTs) impregnated with four basic taste qualities at four different(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Disability-adjusted life years (DALY), incorporating both disability and mortality, has been widely employed to measure regional and global burdens of stroke. Thus far, the DALY lost to stroke in a population has been estimated using only the crude population-level data; no previous study has incorporated refined data from stroke(More)