Yongjie Zhan

Chenglong Yi2
Jiaojiao Min2
2Chenglong Yi
2Jiaojiao Min
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Recently helical nanostructures such as nanosprings and nanocoils have drawn great interests in nanotechnology, due to their unique morphologies and physical properties, and they may be potential building blocks in sorts of electromechanical, magnetic, photoelectronic and plasmonic devices at micro/nanoscales. In this report, multi-turns copper nanocoils(More)
A molecular dynamics study on nanoindentation experiments is carried out for some single-layer rectangular graphene films with four edges clamped. Typical load-displacement curves are obtained, and the effects of various factors including indenter radii, loading speeds, and aspect ratios of the graphene film on the simulation results are discussed. A(More)
Correction In the original version of this article [1], the sizes of the simulated graphene models with different aspect ratios were not listed. Here, we add Table one (Table 1 here) to illustrate the sizes of rectangular graphene films simulated in the article [1]. In addition, there is a typo in the Acknowledgements section of the origin version of this(More)
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