Yongjie Zhai

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We study the problem of glass insulator fault detection from image in this work. It is a challenging task as no reliable electromagnetism cues are available. Since the characteristics of insulator fault are not clear and the positions of the insulator fault are uncertain. Previous efforts have been focusing on insulator classification and the insulator(More)
With the smart monitoring being widely concerned recently, substations have been introducing smart monitoring system. In this paper, we propose a vision-based recognition method for transformers in substation via combining with AdaBoost and a multi-template matching method. The proposed method works by dividing the whole process into two parts, namely(More)
This paper studies the identification algorithm of parameters self adaptive SMO based on linear kernel function, and analyses its performance and advantages. For ARX model and long-term prediction model, the method is used to identify the model of main steam pressure of thermal system and dual-lane gas turbine engine of aero system. The simulation results(More)
Dynamic matrix control builds predictive model with step response which is easy to obtain in engineering practice. As model mismatch, disturbance and noise inevitably involve the modeling error, this impacts the control performance. Considers to this kind of situation, an algorithm of dynamic matrix control based on support vector regressions error(More)
Bed temperature of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler is measured by multiple sensors equally fixed around the furnace wall. Big inertia of the combustion process and the large time delay of bed temperature measure are unfavorable for thermal process control. Based on the redundant distributed measuring property of bed temperature, a new sensor signal(More)
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