Yongjie Chen

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For the problems of large computational complexity and splitting attribute selection inclining to choose the attribute which has many values in ID3 algorithm,this paper presents an improved algorithm based on the Information Entropy and Attribute Weights.In the improved algorithm,it has been combined with the Taylor's theorem and Attribute Similarity(More)
To improve the refining ability and convergence rate of cuckoo search algorithm for finding optimal solution. An improved cuckoo search algorithm with adaptive method is proposed. The self-adaptive machine is used to control the scaling factor and find probability so as to improve population diversity and avoid premature, as a result, more individuals(More)
Tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is still a major threat to global public health. However, the existing methods for MTB detection are usually complicated and time consuming with unsatisfactory sensitivity and specificity. In this work, a relatively simple and ultrasensitive electrochemical aptasensor based on novel signal generation(More)
Eu(2+)-doped BaAl12O19 phosphors were prepared using the sol-gel method, and their structure and luminescence properties were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis and fluorescence spectrometry. The results showed that a single hexagonal BaAl12O19 crystal structure was synthesized and the emission spectrum of BaAl12O19:Eu exhibited a broad(More)
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