Yongjiang Lang

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The protein-tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) Shp2 has been implicated in many immunoreceptor signaling pathways, but its role in immunoreceptor FcεRI signaling, which leads to the activation of mast cells and blood basophils, is still largely undefined. Using Shp2 knockdown RBL-2H3 (RBL) mast cells, we here reported that Shp2 is required for the activation of RBL(More)
BACKGROUND Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases (AARSs) catalyze the first step of protein synthesis. Emerging evidence indicates that AARSs may have additional functions, playing a role in signal transduction pathways regulating thrombopoiesis and inflammation. Recombinant human tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase (rhTyrRS) is engineered with a single amino acid substitution(More)
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