Yongjian Zhang

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Telecom technologies have been developed very fast in these years. To meet the new trends and requirements of telecom applications, the optical transport network needs to be restructured with more dynamic, more cost-efficient, softer and more intelligent technologies. SDN accompanied with OpenFlow protocol is a good choice. In this paper, we study the(More)
The article designs location tracking system used in underground mine based on WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) technology. The WiFi wireless network communication technology can solve problems of difficult communication between miners and mine managers, accurately location of mining personnel, complex terrain, too much monitoring points and requiring larger(More)
High mobility group box 1 (HMGB1), a non-histone nuclear protein, was associated with a variety of biological important processes, such as transcription, differentiation, extracellular signaling. As a cytokine or inflammatory mediator, more and more data showed that HMGB1 was involved in inflammatory diseases, cancers or autoimmune disease. However, few(More)
A new blind adaptive multi-user detection scheme based on the RLS filter and subspace estimation is proposed. It is shown that the detector can be expressed as an anchored signal in the signal subspace and the coefficients can be estimated by the RLS filter just by using the signature waveform and the timing of the desired user. The subspace- based(More)
Firstly, in this paper we propose an improved immune algorithm, that is, introduce the Metropolis criterion into the selection operation of immune algorithm, and the Metropolis immune algorithm (MIA) is formed, then we carry out the theoretical analysis and experimental simulation aiming at the performance of the MIA; Secondly, we use this algorithm to(More)
Temperature effect modelling and analysis have been carried out on 0.25 &#x03BC;m gate length AlGaN/GaN HEMT grown on SiC substrate over the temperature range from - 40 to 150&#x00B0;C by on-wafer S-parameter measurements up to 50 GHz. The temperature behaviour of the DC and equivalent circuit parameters including f<sub>t</sub> and f<sub>max</sub> were(More)
This paper introduces a Smart Home Security System based on the technology of ARM9 and 3G communication. It uses S3C2410 hardware platform and Embedded Linux Operating System to implement the real-time display of the video images on the development platform. It presents the structure and work principles of the system, puts emphasis on the hardware(More)
This paper proposes a improved GSC (generalized sidelobe canceller) receiver structures based on a new group constraint, which is suitable to eliminate multiple-access interference (MAI), inter-symbol interference (ISI) in directsequence code-division multiple access (DS/CDMA) downlink multi-user system. A new group constraint that is used to construct the(More)
We report on the device considerations and discuss the design and fabrication of 0.5 &#x03BC;m gate length double-channel GaAs pHEMT well-suited for diode based limiter applications. I-V, C-V and RF characterisations of GaAs pHEMT Schottky diode that is used in the limiter applications have been presented. The presence of double channel is discussed and(More)