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The article designs location tracking system used in underground mine based on WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) technology. The WiFi wireless network communication technology can solve problems of difficult communication between miners and mine managers, accurately location of mining personnel, complex terrain, too much monitoring points and requiring larger(More)
This paper introduces a Smart Home Security System based on the technology of ARM9 and 3G communication. It uses S3C2410 hardware platform and Embedded Linux Operating System to implement the real-time display of the video images on the development platform. It presents the structure and work principles of the system, puts emphasis on the hardware(More)
Firstly, in this paper we propose an improved immune algorithm, that is, introduce the Metropolis criterion into the selection operation of immune algorithm, and the Metropolis immune algorithm (MIA) is formed, then we carry out the theoretical analysis and experimental simulation aiming at the performance of the MIA; Secondly, we use this algorithm to(More)
For the poor performance of inertial measurement unit based on MEMS sensors, the attitude angles of MINS/GPS integrated navigation system drift rapidly, when the GPS signal is lost due to shelter from buildings or trees. System needs long time and large maneuvering to return to alignment as there are large misalignment angles of attitude when the GPS signal(More)
We introduce an algorithm of semiautomatic video segmentation and tracking by integrating background constructing and motion estimation. Firstly, we extract the video object of the initial frame using the artificial way, then, build the background of the initial frame, finally, the video object tracking is completed based on background updating, color and(More)
We propose an algorithm of semiautomatic video segmentation based background constructing. Firstly, we obtain the video object of the first frame by employing manual method, then, construct the background of the first frame, finally, the video object tracking is completed based on background updating and motion information of the video object. Our algorithm(More)
This paper proposes a blind multi-user detection algorithm under the fading channels in the existence of impulse noise based on signal sub-space estimation. Usually the traditional filtering algorithms adapt training data sequences and need more knowledge about the spreading waveform, which may delay the desired user. This algorithm adapts RLS filter that(More)
In video processing, Automatic video object segmentation is an important and difficult problem, we propose an effective algorithm of automatic video object segmentation based on temporal-spatial information. Firstly, we obtain video object mask based on temporal, position and motional information, then correct the contour of the obtained video object mask(More)
A new blind adaptive multi-user detection scheme based on the RLS filter and subspace estimation is proposed. It is shown that the detector can be expressed as an anchored signal in the signal subspace and the coefficients can be estimated by the RLS filter just by using the signature waveform and the timing of the desired user. The subspace- based(More)