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In recent years, wavelet-based video coding schemes have attracted considerable attention in the image coding community. In this paper, a new algorithm of three-dimensional wavelet transform (3D-WT) for video coding is presented. The main difference between it and the traditional 3D-WT algorithm is temporal decomposition. The proposed algorithm performs the(More)
There are various medical image sharing and electronic whiteboard systems available for diagnosis and discussion purposes. However, most of these systems ask clients to install special software tools or web plug-ins to support whiteboard discussion, special medical image format, and customized decoding algorithm of data transmission of HRIs (high-resolution(More)
Effective compression technique of on-board hyperspectral images has been an active topic in the field of hyperspectral remote sensintg. In order to solve the effective compression of on-board hyperspectral images, a new distributed near lossless compression algorithm based on multilevel coset codes is proposed. Due to the diverse importance of each band, a(More)
Uncertainty measures are important for knowledge discovery and data mining. Rough set theory (RST) is an important tool for measuring and processing uncertain information. Although many RST-based methods for measuring system uncertainty have been investigated, the existing measures cannot adequately characterise the imprecision of a rough set. Moreover,(More)
This paper addresses the problem of lossy compression for hyperspectral images and presents an efficient compression algorithm based on FastICA. Firstly, an efficient algorithm for segmentation of hyperspectral images is proposed. Secondly, based on the targets, a lossy compression based on ROI (Region of Interest) is proposed for hyperspectral compression,(More)
Compressive sensing (CS) allows to reconstruct sparse signals from a smaller number of measurements than the Nyquist-Shannon criterion. CS can be considered as a natural candidate hyperspectral imaging, as it has recently been proved to significantly reduce the sampling rate and shift the computation cost to the receiver side of system in the form of a(More)