Yongjian He

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Perceptually salient regions of stereoscopic images significantly affect visual comfort (VC). In this paper, we propose a new objective approach for predicting VC of stereoscopic images according to visual saliency. The proposed approach includes two stages. The first stage involves the extraction of foreground saliency and depth contrast from a disparity(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel definition of opposite path. Its core feature is that the sequence of candidate paths and the distances between adjacent nodes in the tour are considered simultaneously. In a sense, the candidate path and its corresponding opposite path have the same (or similar at least) distance to the optimal path in the current(More)
An novel method using local convexity and octree is proposed to segment irregular 3D point cloud into surfaces. An modified octree method is used to produce the init facet set which usually contains too many facets and is meaningless, and then the connection of the leaf nodes is found. Finally, the adjacent facets are combined if they satisfied the local(More)
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