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—The objective of this paper is to extract a suitable number of evenly distributed matched points, given the characteristics of the site and the sensors involved. The intent is to increase the accuracy of automatic image-to-image registration for high-resolution multisensor data. The initial set of matching points is extracted using a scale-invariant(More)
SnSe alloy is examined for the first time as an anode for Na-ion batteries, and shows excellent electrochemical performance including a high reversible capacity of 707 mA h g(-1) and stable cycle performance over 50 cycles. Upon sodiation, SnSe is changed into amorphous NaxSn nanodomains dispersed in crystalline Na2Se, and SnSe is reversibly restored after(More)
Pure surface materials denoted by endmembers play an important role in hyperspectral processing in various fields. Many endmember extraction algorithms (EEAs) have been proposed to find appropriate endmember sets. Most studies involving the automatic extraction of appropriate endmembers without a priori information have focused on N-FINDR. Although there(More)
The microstructural evolution and the adhesion of an Ag nanopaste screen-printed on a silicon substrate were investigated as a function of sintering temperature. Through the two thermal analysis methods, such as differential scanning calorimeter and thermo-gravimetric analysis, the sintering conditions were defined where the temperature was raised from(More)