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This paper aims to explain the key factors of an online assessment system that can effectively improve student learning. Some of the key literatures with regard to the style of online assessment and feedback were reviewed. The goal of the study is to conduct a survey questionnaire in order to collect data for analysis to address the research question. The(More)
Color histograms are the most commonly used features for image retrieval due to the good attributes of image translation and rotation invariance. However the traditional color histogram features are usually short of spatial structural information which may cause error retrieval results. This paper presents a color image retrieval method based on Weighted(More)
The accuracy of modeling is important for control accuracy and stability in predictive control. So, SVMR (Support Vector Machines Regression), which supports by mathematics theory and has a simple structure and nonlinear modeling properties, compare with other modeling algorithm, such as neural networks, has been applied in the predictive control. Here,(More)
A new geometric constraints histogram descriptor (GCHD) based on curvature mesh graph for image retrieval is presented in this paper. Through this method, the edge and angle geometric constraints based on the curvature mesh graph are extracted firstly. Then the histogram algorithm is applied on the geometric constraints to obtain the histogram matrix for(More)
This paper presents a new method for 3D pollen particle recognition based on spatial geometric constraints histogram descriptors (SGCHD). For reducing high dimensionality and noise disturbance, the surface curvature voxels are extracted as the primitive features instead of the original 3D pollen particles. The geometric constraints vectors are computed to(More)
This paper presents a new shape descriptor based on structural curvature histogram (SCHD) for gray image retrieval. With this method, the image contour curvature vector containing spatial structural information is firstly extracted, and then the shape descriptor based on the equalized structural curvature histogram is obtained for image retrieval(More)
This paper presents a new feature extraction method of Fourier descriptor based on the Zernike moments for pollen images recognition. Firstly, Zernike moments of the image are extracted in 3D spherical coordinates. Secondly, genetic algorithm based on probability is used to filter the Zernike moments to reduce redundant information. Finally the normalized(More)
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