Yonghua Chen

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Electric vehicles using lithium-ion battery pack(s) for propulsion have recently attracted a great deal of interest. The large-scale practical application of battery electric vehicles may not be realized unless lithium-ion batteries with self-charging suppliers will be developed. Solar cells offer an attractive option for directly photo-charging lithium-ion(More)
Therapeutic application of Asarum, a herbal medicine that has been used for centuries, reportedly causes acute respiratory disturbance. The responsible constituents, the sites of action, and the mechanisms involved in this side effect are unclear. We investigated the effects of β-asarone, a volatile constituent of Asarum, on neurotransmission in the(More)
Substance P (SP) has been implicated in vagal control of heart rate and cardiac functions, but the mechanisms of SP actions on cardiac vagal activity remain obscure. The present study has investigated the effects of SP on the synaptic inputs of preganglionic cardiovagal motoneurons (CVNs) in brainstem slices of neonatal rat. Whole-cell voltage-clamp(More)