Yonghong Zheng

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Understanding how the dynamics of vegetation growth respond to climate change at different temporal and spatial scales is critical to projecting future ecosystem dynamics and the adaptation of ecosystems to global change. In this study, we investigated vegetated growth dynamics (annual productivity, seasonality and the minimum amount of vegetated cover) in(More)
A tree-ring width chronology was developed using the tree-ring cores of Huangshan pine (Pinus taiwanensis Hayata) from the Dabie Mountains, central China. Descriptive statistics of the chronology indicated that Huangshan pine showed a common signal likely associated to climate. A correlation analysis was conducted between the chronology and climate(More)
Malignancy associated changes (MAC) can be defined as subtle morphological and physiologic changes that are found in ostensibly normal cells of patients harboring malignant disease. It has been postulated that MAC have a potential to become a useful tool in detection, diagnosis and prognosis of malignant diseases. An in vitro cell culture model system was(More)
February-May temperature strongly affects ecological processes and socio-economics in central China, yet its long-term variability has not been thoroughly assessed due to the shortness of instrumental records. In order to improve the understanding of the regularities of temperature variability in central China, in this study, we present a new tree-ring(More)
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