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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Dementia remains an exclusion criterion in diagnosing multiple system atrophy (MSA). This study aimed to determine the cognitive changes and brain atrophy patterns in the Parkinsonian (MSA-P) and cerebellar (MSA-C) variants of MSA. METHODS Voxel-based morphometry (VBM) of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and neuro-psychological(More)
Previous studies indicate that corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) contributes to the anxiety-like and aversive states associated with drug-induced withdrawal. The present study extends this work by analyzing the CRF receptor subtype involved in withdrawal responses. First, the influence of a selective CRF receptor-1 (CRF-R1) antagonist, CP-154,526, on(More)
A new method for PID controller tuning based on process models for cascaded control systems is proposed in this paper. The method consists of first finding the ideal controller that gives the desired closed loop response and then finding the PID approximation of the ideal controller by Maclaurin series. This method can be applied to any open loop stable(More)
BACKGROUND Alterations of the P53 or Rb gene are among the most frequently observed genetic changes in primary lung cancer. Nevertheless, there has been no final conclusion on the relationship between P53 or Rb protein expression and clinico-pathological parameters in primary lung cancer. A large-scale study was performed to examine the clinicopathological(More)
Proportional, integral, and deriuatiue (PID) parameters are obtained for general process models by approximating the feedback form of an IMC controller with a Maclaurin series in the Laplace uariable. These PID parameters yield closed-loop responses that are closer to the desired responses than those obtained by PID controllers tuned by other methods. The(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous genetic changes are associated with metastasis and invasion of cancer cells. To identify differentially expressed invasion-associated genes, we screened a panel of lung cancer cell lines (CL(1-0), CL(1-1), CL(1-5), and CL(1-5)-F(4) in order of increasing invasive activity) for such genes and selected one gene, collapsin response mediator(More)
Prolonged activation of an A2A adenosine receptor significantly inhibits the cellular response to subsequent stimulation (A2A desensitization). We have reported previously that activation of phosphodiesterase (PDE) contributes to A2A desensitization in PC12 cells. In the present study, we show that a type IV PDE (PDE4)-selective inhibitor (Ro 20-1724)(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a mediator of airway inflammation and remodelling in asthma. Transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta(1) plays pivotal roles in diverse biological processes, including tissue remodelling and repair in a number of chronic lung diseases. However, there are few studies elucidating the interactions between VEGF and(More)
As the technology scales, the increase of circuit delay over time due to NBTI (negative bias temperature instability) effect is not negligible any more. It has been known that voltage scaling is an effective scheme that is able to mitigate the NBTI effect. However, a careful control of voltage scaling is required not to increase the dissipation of dynamic(More)
This study was designed to assess the intercorrelations between difficult temperament factors and self-rating psychiatric symptoms in Chinese early adolescents. The study subjects completed the Chinese Adolescent Temperament Self-Rating Questionnaire and Brief Psychiatric Symptom Rating Scale. Results revealed that the group of subjects with two or more(More)