Yongho Chung

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Presented in this paper is a FAB simulation framework considering the recipe arrangement problem of FAB tools. It is known that the WIP fluctuation is mainly caused by improper dispatching rules. Practical point of view, however, there is another cause of the WIP imbalance. We call the problem as a "recipe arrange problem of tools". A FAB consists of(More)
In the present study, we fabricated a hemoglobin/gold nanoparticle (Hb/GNP) heterolayer immobilized on the Au micro-gap to confirm H₂O₂ detection with a signal-enhancement effect. The hemoglobin which contained the heme group catalyzed the reduction of H₂O₂. To facilitate the electron transfer between hemoglobin and Au micro-gap electrode, a gold(More)
We demonstrate an analog type logical device that combines metalloprotein and organic/inorganic materials and can make an interactive analog decision. Myoglobin is used as a functional biomolecule to generate electrochemical signals, and its original redox signal is controlled with various mercapto-acids by the distance effect between myoglobin and a metal(More)
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