Yonghao Fei

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An ultracompact polarization splitter-rotator based on an asymmetric directional coupler has been designed and analyzed. The device consists of one channel waveguide and one vertical slot waveguide, which couple to each other to form the asymmetric directional coupler. The coupling length is only 17.4 μm, and the polarization extinction ratio, with its(More)
Bistability (BS) and self-pulsation (SP) phenomena in silicon microring resonators (MRR) with intense CW light injection are studied. Several nonlinear optical effects including Kerr effect, two-photon absorption, free carrier absorption and free carrier dispersion are taken into account. The threshold optical intensity of BS and SP is derived from the(More)
We propose and analyze a polarization rotator based on a bend asymmetric-slab waveguide on the silicon-on-insulator platform. The device can be fabricated using standard complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process involving only two dry etching steps. Compared with the formerly reported polarization rotators based on two-step etching, our introduced(More)
We have developed a silicon depletion-mode modulator featuring a novel U-type PN junction that enables a substantial improvement in electro-optical modulation efficiency. Through electrical, optical, and manufacturing process simulations, an ultralow V<sub>π</sub>L of 0.63  V·cm is exhibited with 3 V reverse bias. The high modulation efficiency enables a(More)
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