Yonggyu Gim

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Lobate features abutting massifs and escarpments in the middle latitudes of Mars have been recognized in images for decades, but their true nature has been controversial, with hypotheses of origin such as ice-lubricated debris flows or glaciers covered by a layer of surface debris. These models imply an ice content ranging from minor and interstitial to(More)
The Radar for Icy Moon Exploration (RIME) has been selected by European Space Agency (ESA) as one of the instruments on board of the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE). RIME is a nadir looking radar sounder designed to study the subsurface of the Galilean icy moons, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto. Its main science goals are related to the study of the(More)
—The Cassini RADAR is a multimode instrument used to map the surface of Titan, the atmosphere of Saturn, the Saturn ring system, and to explore the properties of the icy satellites. Four different active mode bandwidths and a passive radiometer mode provide a wide range of flexibility in taking measurements. The scatterometer mode is used for real aperture(More)
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