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Illumination is an important factor to affect image quality in computer vision. In order to effectively weaken the influence of illumination on image quality, an image illumination correction algorithm based on tone mapping is proposed in this paper. The proposed algorithm combined color space decomposition and tone mapping based image brightness(More)
Nowadays, many systems face to the problem of sharp increase in user data. In order to get efficient access to data, they need a cache system that adopts a replacement algorithm which has both high cache hit ratio and high scalability. However, the mainstream replacement algorithms, which are just like a seesaw between high scalability and high cache hit(More)
In neural science, different action potential (AP) firing patterns are typically considered to be dominated by different dynamical mechanisms. Different AP firing patterns in unmyelinated fibres can contribute to pain and sensory information transmission. Experiments in rabbit unmyelinated nerve (axon) show some interesting phenomena, mainly concerned with(More)
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