Yonggen Mao

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We are witnessing two trends in Web content access: (a) increasing amounts of dynamic and personalized Web content, and (b) a significant growth in " on-the-move " access using various mobile resource-constrained devices by nomadic users. Web caching and the content distribution network (CDN) are popular solutions for improving Web access latency and have(More)
Peer-to-peer Web caching has attracted a great attention from the research community recently, and is one of the potential peer-to-peer applications. In this paper, we systematically examine the three orthogonal dimensions to design a peer-to-peer Web caching system, including the caching algorithm, the document lookup algorithm, and the peer granularity.(More)
Proxy caching and content distribution networks (CDNs) are two major approaches to improve Web application performance. Unfortunately, we have witnessed the inefficiency of them to the rapid growth of uncacheable HTTP content, resulting from ever-increasing dynamic Web services, cache busting technologies, and the emergency of various HTTP-based(More)
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