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In the recent twenty years, loop quantum gravity, a background independent approach to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics, has been widely investigated. The aim of loop quantum gravity is
Five-dimensional Brans-Dicke theory and cosmic acceleration
We consider a 5-dimensional scalar-tensor theory which is a direct generalization of the original 4-dimensional Brans-Dicke theory to five dimensions. By assuming that there is a
Loop quantum Brans-Dicke cosmology
The spatially flat and isotropic cosmological model of Brans-Dicke theory with coupling parameter $\omega\neq-3/2$ is quantized by the approach of loop quantum cosmology. An interesting feature of
Loop Quantum Brans-Dicke Theory
The loop quantization of Brans-Dicke theory (with coupling parameter ) is studied. In the geometry-dynamical formalism, the canonical structure and constraint algebra of this theory are similar to
New length operator for loop quantum gravity
An alternative expression for the length operator in loop quantum gravity is presented. The operator is background independent, symmetric, positive semidefinite, and well defined on the kinematical
Nonperturbative Loop Quantization of Scalar-Tensor Theories of Gravity
The Hamiltonian formulation of scalar-tensor theories of gravity is derived from their Lagrangian formulation by Hamiltonian analysis. The Hamiltonian formalism marks off two sectors of the theories
Effective scenario of loop quantum cosmology.
The effective Hamiltonian for the quantum cosmological model with a massless scalar field is obtained, which incorporates also the next to leading order quantum corrections.
Alternative quantization of the Hamiltonian in isotropic loop quantum cosmology
Since there are quantization ambiguities in constructing the Hamiltonian constraint operator in isotropic loop quantum cosmology, it is crucial to check whether the key features of loop quantum
Extension of loop quantum gravity to f(R) theories.
The results imply that the nonperturbative quantization procedure of loop quantum gravity is valid not only for general relativity but also for a rather general class of four-dimensional metric theories of gravity.