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BACKGROUND The induction of specific immune tolerance for alloantigen is the best method for solving transplant rejection. We have previously reported T-cell tolerance induced by RNA interference (RNAi) RelB dendritic cells (DCs), supporting the possibility of immunologic tolerance in liver transplantation. METHODS A stable model of acute rejection was(More)
The four-dimensional metric f(R) theories of gravity are cast into connection-dynamical formalism with real su(2) connections as configuration variables. Through this formalism, the classical metric f(R) theories are quantized by extending the loop quantization scheme of general relativity. Our results imply that the nonperturbative quantization procedure(More)
We consider the Palatini formalism of gravity with cosmological constant Λ coupled to a scalar field φ in n-dimensions. The n-dimensional Einstein equations with Λ can be derived by the variation of the coupled Palatini action provided n > 2. The Hamiltonian analysis of the coupled action is carried out by a 1 + (n − 1) decomposition of the spacetime. It(More)
Semiclassical states in isotropic loop quantum cosmology are employed to show that the improved dynamics has the correct classical limit. The effective Hamiltonian for the quantum cosmological model with a massless scalar field is thus obtained, which incorporates also the next to leading order quantum corrections. The possibility that the higher order(More)