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Despite successful fabrication of gecko-inspired fibrillar surfaces with strong adhesion forces, how to achieve an easy-removal property becomes a major concern that may restrict the wide applications of these bio-inspired surfaces. Research on how geckos detach rapidly has inspired the design of novel adhesive surfaces with strong and reversible adhesion(More)
Mechanical interlocking is widely applied in industry and general lives of human beings. In this work, we realized the control of locking or sliding states of cotton fibers on the metal surfaces with slightly different textures through traditional machining. Three types of sliding states, i.e., locking, one-way sliding, and two-way sliding have been(More)
Comprehension of stick-slip motion is very important for understanding tribological principles. The transition from creep-dominated to inertia-dominated stick-slip as the increase of sliding velocity has been described by researchers. However, the associated micro-contact behavior during this transition has not been fully disclosed yet. In this study, we(More)
Pulsed eddy current (PEC) method for thickness measurement of metal film has been widely investigated in recent years. In the previous researches, this method has been mainly used in metal thickness measurement in the range from millimeter to centimeter and nondestructive inspection. The effectiveness of the PEC method for measurement of submicrometer thick(More)
The mechanical behaviors of microstructures and micro-devices have drawn the attention from researchers on materials and mechanics in recent years. To understand the rule of these behaviors, the deformation measurement techniques with micro/nanometer sensitivity and spatial resolution are required. In this paper, a micro-marker identification method is(More)
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