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To understand the molecular mechanisms of development it is essential to be able to turn genes on and off at will and in a spatially restricted fashion. Morpholino oligonucleotides (MOs) are very common tools used in several model organisms with which it is possible to block gene expression. Recently developed photo-activated MOs allow control over the(More)
—Guidance system can improve the resources utilization of LBS (Location Based Service) system effectively, and the validity of guidance system depends on accurate predicting of the near-future system resources occupancy and its trend. Considering the strong randomicity of short-term characteristic of the trend, a multi-model fusion method integrating(More)
—Recently, cooperative control actions of electric vehicle become much more complex than before, it is important and significant to manage and allocate energy by a network in electric vehicle. According to the electric vehicle control requirements, this paper have designed a network architecture based on the vehicle CAN network communication protocol(More)