Yongfei Xiao

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Binocular stereo vision is an important branch of the research area in computer vision. Stereo matching is the most important process in binocular vision. In this paper, a new stereo matching scheme using shape-based matching (SBM) is presented to improve the depth reconstruction method of binocular stereo vision systems. The method works in two steps.(More)
In this paper, operator-based robust control for nonlinear uncertain system is considered by using robust right coprime factorization approach. In details, the effects from uncertainties for nonlinear uncertain systems are analyzed through internally stable control design. For the stabilizing system, an internal model control (IMC) like operator-based(More)
3D point distribution model (PDM) of subcortical structures can be applied in medical image analysis by providing priori-knowledge. However, accurate shape representation and point correspondence are still challenging for building 3D PDM. This paper presents a novel framework for the automated construction of 3D PDMs from a set of segmented volumetric(More)
Bridge is an important artificial target in the field of remote sensing analysis. A method for automatic recognition of bridges over water in high-resolution remote sensing images is presented. Firstly, we establish bridge knowledge models. Based on top-down knowledge-driven, the flow is composed of two steps: hypothesis and testing. Hypothesis is rough(More)
This paper designs a novel electric gripper with parallel fingers and each finger has a set of an independent drive motor and integrates a force sensor. The gripper with the flexibility of mechanical structure and control is mounted in the end of an industrial robot, and a flexible grip test platform is constructed based on an embedded controller. Prarllel(More)
This paper describes a new object detection approach using particle swarm optimization (PSO). The approach is based on the idea that the task of finding a well-matched subwindow (object) can be formulated as an integer nonlinear optimization problem (INOP). We use PSO to solve this formulated INOP. Experiments in the domain of face detection are presented(More)
Electromyography (EMG) has been popularly used as interface command to achieve a natural control for myoelectric prosthetic-hands. Traditional EMG-based recognition methods always only focus on the classification of target motion classes that were defined in the training phase, but have no ability to reject outlier motion interferences that did not present(More)
In this paper, operator-based robust decoupling control system design for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) nonlinear system is considered. That is, by using the proposed operator based robust decoupling control design, coupling effects existing in the MIMO nonlinear plants can be decoupled based on a feedback design and robust right coprime factorization(More)