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The successful evolution of metabolite-producing microbes requires a high-throughput screening method to obtain the desired properties within a short time. In this study, we developed a transcription-factor-driven device that combines a metabolite-responsive element and a selection module. This device was able to specifically sense intracellular(More)
Amino acids are important fermentation products that are used in the food, animal feed, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. Development of a better quantitation assay to measure amino acid levels will facilitate research and application in medical and industrial fields. Here we report the development of an assay that allows the rapid measurement of(More)
BACKGROUND L-Threonine is an important amino acid for animal feed. Though the industrial fermentation technology of threonine achieved a very high level, there is still significant room to further improve the industrial strains. The biosensor-based high-throughput screening (HTS) technology has demonstrated its powerful applications. Unfortunately, for most(More)
BACKGROUND The overexpression of key enzymes in a metabolic pathway is a frequently used genetic engineering strategy for strain improvement. Metabolic control analysis has been proposed to quantitatively determine key enzymes. However, the lack of quality data often makes it difficult to correctly identify key enzymes through control analysis. Here, we(More)
L-Phenylalanine (L-Phe) is an important amino acid used in both food and medicinal applications. We developed an in vitro system that allowed a direct, quantitative investigation of phenylalanine biosynthesis in E. coli. Here, the absolute concentrations of six enzymes (AroK, AroL, AroA, AroC, PheA and TyrB) involved in the shikimate (SHIK) pathway were(More)
The structures and energy properties for Ag(n) (n = 1-8) metal clusters adsorbed on the perfect and oxygen vacancy MgO surfaces have been studied by using the DFT/UB3LYP method with an embedded cluster model. The nucleation and mobility model for the Ag(n) (n = 1-8) clusters on the perfect and oxygen vacancy MgO(100) surfaces was investigated. The results(More)
INTRODUCTION several studies have investigated the relationship between the estrogen receptor (ER) gene polymorphisms and the efficacy of estrogen replacement therapy in postmenopausal osteoporosis. However, the association of ER polymorphisms with the effects of dietary phytoestrogens on bone metabolism has not yet been reported. This study explores the(More)
Cytidine is an industrially useful precursor for the production of antiviral compounds and a variety of industrial compounds. Interest in the microbial production of cytidine has grown recently and high-throughput screening of cytidine over-producers is an important approach in large-scale industrial production using microorganisms. An enzymatic assay for(More)
Threonine (Thr), an essential amino acid for mammals, has expanded its application to industries with fast-growing market demand. One factor that limits the production of L-threonine by microbial fermentation is the lack of an effective export system. This study proposes a method based on isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantification (iTRAQ) to(More)