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OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of gout and hyperuricemia based on the latest nationally representative sample of US men and women (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey [NHANES] 2007-2008). METHODS Using data from 5,707 participants in NHANES 2007-2008, we estimated the prevalence of gout and hyperuricemia. During home interviews for(More)
PURPOSE Melanomas harbor aberrations in the c-Kit gene. We tested the efficiency of the tyrosine kinase inhibitor imatinib in selected patients with metastatic melanoma harboring c-Kit mutations or amplifications. PATIENTS AND METHODS Forty-three patients with metastatic melanoma harboring c-Kit aberrations were enrolled on this phase II trial. Each(More)
To identify the genetic basis of circulating concentrations of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), we conducted genome-wide association analyses for MCP-1 in 3 independent cohorts (n = 9598). The strongest association was for serum MCP-1 with a nonsynonymous polymorphism, rs12075 (Asp42Gly) in DARC, the gene for Duffy antigen receptor for(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the prevalence of greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS); to determine whether GTPS is associated with iliotibial band (ITB) tenderness, knee osteoarthritis (OA), body mass index (BMI), or low back pain (LBP); and to assess whether GTPS is associated with reduced hip internal rotation, physical activity, and mobility. DESIGN(More)
The decontamination of bisphenol A (BPA) from aqueous solution by graphene adsorption was investigated. The maximum adsorption capacity (q(m)) of graphene for BPA obtained from a Langmuir isotherm was 182 mg/g at 302.15 K, which was among the highest values of BPA adsorption compared with other carbonaceous adsorbents according to the literature. Both π-π(More)
CONTEXT The destabilization of β-amyloid (Aβ) peptide aggregates and the protection of functional cells are the attractive therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Some active ingredients of Salvia miltiorrhiza f. alba C.Y.Wu & H.W.Li (Lamiaceae) (SM) have attracted increasing attention for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. (More)
Visible-light-induced photodegradation of rhodamine B over nanosized Bi2WO6 has been observed. Bi2WO6 exhibited a high photoactivity to photodegrade rhodamine B in the central pH solution under visible irradiation (lambda > 420 nm). After five recycles for the photodegradation of rhodamine B, the catalyst did not exhibit any significant loss of activity,(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this study was to estimate the latest prevalence of major comorbidities associated with gout and hyperuricemia in the US based on a recent, nationally representative sample of US men and women. METHODS Using data from 5707 participants aged 20 years and older in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007-2008, we(More)
BH3-only proteins integrate apoptosis and autophagy pathways, yet regulation and functional consequences of pathway cross-talk are not fully resolved. The BH3-only protein Bnip3 is an autophagy receptor that signals autophagic degradation of mitochondria (mitophagy) via interaction of its LC3-interacting region (LIR) with Atg8 proteins. Here we report that(More)
PURPOSE To assess the association of prevalent bone marrow edema-like lesions (BMLs) and full-thickness cartilage loss with incident subchondral cyst-like lesions (SCs) in the knee to evaluate the bone contusion versus synovial fluid intrusion theories of SC formation. MATERIALS AND METHODS The Multicenter Osteoarthritis study is a longitudinal study of(More)