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In this paper, we first analyze the 5 most cited papers with the title containing "Urban ecosystem health" in Chinese academic journals, and 5 newer papers retrieved from the CSSCI (Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index). The results show that the number of indicators to be used together in more than three papers is 28, and then we select 27 of them to(More)
Common name: Lenok (English), Xilinyu (Chinese), Uksuch (Russian), Zeveg (Mongolian). Figure from Zhang (1995). Conservation status: VulnerableIn China (Yue and Chen 1998), Russia (Alekseev and Osinov 2006) and Mongolia (Ocock et al. 2006). Identification: Head blunt or sharp, top broad, flat and slightly convex at center; mouth terminal or subterminal. D:(More)
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